Security Solutions


“Any of various means or devices designed to guard persons and property against hazards, including crime, fire, accidents, espionage, sabotage, subversion, and attack…”

Security Solutions supplies, installs, monitors and maintains security systems (Alarms) for your home or business to help protect your assets, property and safety.
We can design or upgrade to provide some of the most advanced alarm systems on offer. From alarm panels, access control triggers, door & window sensors, keypads, and accessories to smoke detectors and Wireless (WiFi) solutions, the range of technologies available will ensure a package to suit the security criteria, budget and give you peace of mind.
Alarm security system products are designed to deter intruders, burglars or trespassers from moving any further in to the property attempting to break-in.
The combination of physical alarms, flashing sensors, loud alarm sirens and warning signs can make intrusions a very unappealing option. For comprehensive security system requirements with 24/7 support, a back-to-base monitoring central control room operates around the clock responding to any concerns or threats to safety in clients’ homes or offices’.
These systems can be tailored to after-hours only, evening guard patrols and more and will ensure that if trouble arises, help is available (including Police & Ambulance notifications). The range of security systems packages (wired and Wireless) includes the following: Alarm Security Systems CCTV Security Surveillance Systems Intercom Systems Monitoring & Surveillance Systems Access Control Systems Patrols and Guards Security Services Extensive, efficient and effective reporting and notification is available including via SMS, GSM, Web based and others customised based on the security criteria and budget. For further information on Security Systems products and services that are available from Security Solutions, please click the contact button below.