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Police will not respond to Duress Alarms unless “verification” from site or person can be achieved.

Reality is, under Duress or Emergency, answering a verification phone call is not possible, therefore no Police response. The phone call itself can increase the threat level.

Utilising over 30 years of industry knowledge and many months of development we produced our NEVERalone™ Device and Services. Our NEVERalone™ Device overcomes NSW Police Duress Response restrictions and allows us to dispatch the Police (or other authorities) without question.

We supplied our NEVERalone™ Device to Health Services Union for evaluation over a 3 month period, the result, Health Services Union have endorsed our NEVERalone™ device as the preferred product to support their members and staff.

There are many copies of our NEVERalone™ Device, all looking very similar, but ours, along with the service we provide, are unique and the only Device recommended by the Health Services Union. (HSU Endorsement Letter attached).

Endorsed and used by Wesley Mission, we supply our NEVERalone™ Device and Services to the staff of Specialist Homelessness Services, Brighter Futures, Sydney Community Centres, Disability Services, Parents Next, Family Preservation and Youth Hope programs.

Our NEVERalone™ Device is portable and wearable. Upon activation our 24/7 Grade 1 Monitoring Centres' Mapping Software displays the Users Location and Two Way Voice Communication is automatically established with our specially trained operators.

The appropriate authority is dispatched being provided the Location and Full details of the situation. Our Operator retains contact with the User until the authority - help arrives .
Prearranged further actioning, such as, notifying Managers etc, is also delivered.

Our Device can be set in Stealth / Listen-In Mode where there is no indication to the “threat” that the Alarm has been initiated or actioned.

Device configuration between Stealth / Listen-In Mode and Two Way Voice Communications is dependent upon application. Should circumstances change, device configuration will be changed, free of charge, via our Remote Connection service - no need for our technicians to attend.

The Front End of our System provides 24/7 Monitoring, Staff Welfare Checks, Live Tracking - Mapping with Geo Fencing (Virtual Boundary’s) capability.

The Back End of our System provides Automatic Device Health Checks, Detailed Reporting Features, User Database Management Recording / Maintenance and Emailed Activity Reports.

Alongside our client we create a Duress - Users and Procedures Manual to suit their individual procedures and operations, with such satisfying OH+S, WH+S and QRC requirements.

For further information, discuss your requirements or to arrange an on-site demonstration please click the contact button below.

Our Device is also used by the Elderly - Disabled clients.

Two-way Voice Communication, Fall Detection and their location being known provides safety and security both inside and outside of their home, giving total peace of mind to the user and their Loved ones.

Funding of the Device and Services attached can form part of the users Home Care Package.