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“An intercommunication system… traditionally an internal telephone system for communicating within a site / premises, it now incorporates external, wireless and seamless integration with other security systems…”

Intercom systems (Video or Audio) may be installed outside or inside.
In addition to clear sound, video intercoms offer sharp colour images. The advantage of a video intercom is that users can see potential visitors and anyone else with them. Phone entry intercom systems connect directly to the residential phone lines in a building/premises. Residents are called without making a call to the central office, which bypasses the expense of telephone charges. They offer lower costs, convenience and privacy. IP (Internet Protocol) intercom systems distribute audio and video signals on a local area network (LAN/WiFi) in an apartment, buildings, home or office. The intercom system acts like any other device on the local area network, which allows for flexibility. Multiple locations in different buildings can be connected for maximum reach. IP Intercoms can integrate with VOIP systems, allowing advanced functionality such as IVR, digital PABX integration, extension trunking over the internet, and intercom call logging / reporting. Emergency Help points, information lines, and after hour access points / intercom systems can be promptly answered by security operators, saving your business money by providing a cost effective service to your clientele, minimising risk and potentially saving lives. Intercom systems can be further integrated with multiple door stations, allowing access to be granted to not only the building foyer but car park areas as well. An intercom system can be further enhanced by integrating an access control system, allowing the automatic gates and doors from an intercom system to be used alongside and access control system. For further information on Intercom products and services that are available from Security Solutions, please click the contact button below.