Security Solutions


“To observe, record, or detect an operation or condition with instruments that have no effect upon the operation or condition…”

Security Solutions provides a back to base monitoring service for commercial and residential alarm systems - for 24/7 peace of mind.
In the event of an alarm, panic, fire or system trouble, a trained and friendly operator can alert nominated contacts as to any number of reported alarm events for your asset or security system. Security Solution’s central monitoring control room incorporates leading edge software and hardware technology.
Utilising customised software solutions, monitoring and technical staff have immediate access to client, alarm, and dispatch information, allowing for rapid responses to burglaries, vandalism, personal threats, as well as the health and well-being of monitored clients and assets. Security Solutions can detail action plans which would be used to guide the operator as to what actions are required when certain events are reported. The operator can also monitor any actions that may have been requested, to ensure the safety and security of family and premises.
Activation of a medical alert or panic pendant may require a confirmation phone call, and if the safety of a person cannot be confirmed, police or an ambulance may be dispatched depending on the action plan requested.
Family can be notified of the action taken and provide further advice as to what special requirements may be necessary.
A burglary may require a confirmation call to any number of contacts, and if required, a mobile patrol or police can be dispatched to ascertain if security has been compromised. • The alarm panel may even report low battery warnings for wireless detection devices or system troubles, such as a phone line problem, power outages or failures with detection devices. This can be used to alert owners of potential security threats and weaknesses, before they are exploited. An alarm panel capable of reporting to an alarm monitoring station is required for monitoring.
Most alarm panels are capable of this; however existing systems may not have the required cabling for connection to the phone/NBN line.
Existing alarm panels will require extra programming if they are not already monitored by Security Solutions. Reporting and Maintenance services include the following information - that can be sent via SMS/phone/Email;
An Alarm and alarm area arm/disarm status and changes.
Previous alarm activation information and alarm transmission logs.
Add and update contact information such as phone numbers and contact names.
Add and update alarm response information such as instructions, contacts to call and guard response information. For further information on Monitoring products and services that are available from Security Solutions, please click the contact button below.