Security Solutions


“A group or combination of interrelated, interdependent, or interacting elements forming a collective entity; The act or process of following something or someone referred to as Assets…”

Security Solutions can handle a number of tracking systems tasks such as guard tracking, customer relations and GPS Asset tracking and reporting. Guard Tracking (Patrol management, touch probe, security wand, data logger, pipe, guard stick, attendance verification etc) involve a probe-like item that can be carried around by staff to ensure they have been where they are supposed to be.
Alerts and Reports can be customised and analysed in real time or historical reference and available via SMS, Email or Web. GPS Tracking and GPS Monitoring have evolved considerably over the past few years, fast becoming the professional standard for businesses interested in increasing productivity and workplace safety for remote workers as well as families interested in knowing the whereabouts and ensuring the safety of loved ones.
Advancements in satellite technology and falling costs of telecommunications and hardware, GPS Tracking Technology has transformed into inexpensive, easy to use applications including: Road Vehicle car & truck Tracking and Monitoring; Personal Tracking and Mobile Phone Tracking. Professional Head & Body Cameras are also available. Systems have been specifically designed for law enforcement, military and security professionals where video quality, robustness and evidence capture is paramount. These systems come with secure software that restrict user access and generate evidential logs for submission in a court of law if required.
They can deliver 24 hours’ worth of footage storage on high quality. Over 4 hours continuous recording on a single life battery. High quality audio recording and intelligent file naming. They are also shock resistant, solid state recording or streamed video and add password protection with time and date watermarked on each frame. For further information on Tracking Systems Services that are available from Security Solutions, please click the contact button below.